Stockholm University Gröjer Seminars

The 2023 SUGS Lecturer: Jane Andrew

Jane Andrew

Jane Andrew is Professor in accounting at the University of Sydney, Australia. On the university of Sydney website, Professor Andrew's research is presented in the following way:

"Jane has a particular interest in the relationship between accounting information and public policy and has written extensively on public accountability, carbon accounting, immigration detention, prison privatisation and whistleblowing. The policy relevance of her work means she is often called upon to contribute to discussions of public policy at the State and Federal level. All of Jane’s work has considered the impact of accounting on issues of equity, justice and well-being within the context of neoliberalism.

In 2016, Jane released a report titled Prison Privatisation in Australia: The State of the Nation providing the first comprehensive review of the costs, performance and accountability of Australian private prisons.

Jane was appointed co-editor-in-chief for Critical Perspectives on Accounting in 2018. The journal is the leading international journal dedicated to exploring the link between accounting practices and the many allocative, distributive, social and ecological problems of our era. Jane is also an Associate Editor for Abacus and is a member of the Editorial Board’s for Accounting, Auditing and Accountability, Advances in Public Interest Accounting and Australasian Accounting, Business and Finance Journal. She is also a member of CPA Australia, The Sydney Institute of Criminology and The Imprisonment Observatory."

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