Stockholm University Gröjer Seminars

About SUGS

Stockholm University Gröjer Seminars (SUGS) is a biannual seminar series in commemoration of Professor Jan-Erik Gröjer.

Probably no contemporary Swedish researcher in accounting has influenced so many people: students, research colleagues, managers, professionals, and policymakers included. Why? Because Jan-Erik addressed them all” *

The Stockholm University Gröjer Seminars is an attempt to carry his legacy forward.

SUGS is organized by the MUSICA research group at the Stockholm Business School at Stockholm University and made possible by the generous support of the research foundations of Svenska Handelsbanken.

* Catasús and Johanson, Accounting, Organizations and Society, Volume 33, Issue 6, August 2008, Pages 677-679.

Seminars and Speakers
The 2023 SeminarsJane Andrew, John Roberts
The 2019 SeminarsBarbara Czarniawska
The 2016 SeminarsDavid Cooper
The 2013 SeminarsWai Fong Chua
The 2011 SeminarsJan Mouritsen
The 2009 SeminarsMichael Power