Seminars and Speakers

In 2019 we celebrated the Stockholm University Gröjer Seminars (SUGS) 10 year anniversary, with a fifth SUGS, this time in Vaxholm. This year we had te honour of hosting Barbara Czarniawska, Senior Professor of Management Studies at Gothenburg Research Institute, School of Business, Economics and Law at University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Professor Czarniawska joins David Cooper, Wai Gong Chua, Jan Mouritsen and Michael Power on the growing list of distinguished accounting scholars who have held the SUGS lectures.

The next SUGS are scheduled for 2021.

Seminars and Speakers
The 2019 SeminarsBarbara Czarniawska
The 2016 SeminarsDavid Cooper
The 2013 SeminarsWai Fong Chua
The 2011 SeminarsJan Mouritsen
The 2009 SeminarsMichael Power